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Join a Community Engagement Conversation

Many groups across campus are coming together to talk about approaches to community engagement – for example how they engage, scholarly approaches to engagement, or how engagement fits into research and learning. These conversations range in format, size, and focus depending on the group, with learnings feeding into an overall approach to community engagement.

A significant part of building UBC’s commitment to Community Engagement involves building cross-campus connectivity.

The following are emerging groups of faculty and staff that are coming together to talk about community engagement:

  • Community Engagement Program Planners Community of Pratice (CEPP CoP): This community of practice is for people who connect communities with UBC through outreach and community engagement, strategic planning, knowledge exchange, and partnership development. We aim to make connections across campus, share experiences, exchange event and program updates and inspiration, and identify ways to partner and work together. For more information contact: Christina Harley or
  • K-12 STEM Network: A growing collective of staff and faculty responsible for those aiming to connect science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines with teachers and students in the K-12 education system. For more information contact Paul Harrison or
  • Community Engaged Scholarship group: A group of community engaged scholars from across campus. For more information contact Mark Edwards or Deb Zehr.

If you are interested in holding a conversation about community engagement, either on or off-campus, please email at Check the Community Engagement Events Calendar to learn about other events and discussions happening.

Past Events

The following events were hosted by units across campus, and involved conversations that will be considered as part of UBC’s commitment to community engagement.

Community-based Research “Telling Stories Series”

Monday February 23, 2015

On Monday February 23, 2015 the Community Based Research Communications & Resources Working Group presented the first event in a Telling Stories‘ Series. Story telling, a strategy used by researchers to engage with partners and communities, illustrates the impact of research for different audiences, and informs policy or research direction. Hosted by the Museum of Anthropology the event featured guest speakers Sue Rowley, Curator c̓əsnaʔəm, the city before the city, Museum of Anthropology; Shelley Johnson, School of Social Work; and Rashid Johnson, Fisheries Centre.

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Sharing Relational Stories About Engagement Between Indigenous Communities and Universities: Critical Conversations Through A World Café

Monday January 26th 2015

This first in a series of events was planned by the Community Engagement Working Group in the Faculty of Education, in collaboration with the UBC Community Partnership Unit, as part of the Year of Research in Education. Students, staff, and faculty from all units at UBC were welcomed. Leading the conversation at each of 3 tables were community partners, faculty members, and students, who, together with table participants, will explore particular dimensions of the motivations, joys and challenges of community engagement work.

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Community-based Research Dialogue

Wednesday October 21st 2014

This session, as a part of the Learning Exchange 15th Anniversary celebrations, connected Downtown Eastside community organizations, individual community members and faculty associated with the Community-Based Research initiative at UBC. Principles of community based research from this event have been considered by the Principles working group of the Community-based Research initiative at UBC, and will inform ongoing work around principles of community engagement at UBC.

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Allies in Health: Community & Patient Fair

Wednesday October 29th 2014

The Community and Patient Fair is an annual, one-day fair that connects community-based organizations, patient support groups and individuals involved in these agencies with students and faculty at UBC.

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Tone and Approach to Community Engagement

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

This brown-bag lunch session has concluded – view the notes

Visualizing Community Engagement

Thursday, June 26 2014

This brown-bag lunch session has concluded – view the notes

Asking Key Questions about Community Engagement

Tuesday July 22nd and Wednesday July 23rd, 2014

These brown-bag lunch sessions have concluded – view the notes