Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Situated in the Vice President External Relations portfolio, Community Engagement works to support and enable community engagement being done across campus. We are an institution-wide strategic planning and service unit, and we are involved in a variety of initiatives that further UBC’s commitment to Community Engagement.

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Community Engagement is committed to

  1. Formulate and enact an evolving Community Engagement strategy.
  2. Build recognition for and understanding of the value of Community Engagement.
  3. Make connecting with UBC easier and more rewarding for external communities.
  4. Learn from and build relationships with internal and external communities.
  5. Support current system-wide Community Engagement initiatives and explore, align with, or inform policies, practices, and priorities to enhance Community Engagement at UBC.

We are also committed to listening to and incorporating feedback as this work evolves.
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UBC’s Strategic Plan and Annual Report

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Community Engagement is one of three core commitments within UBC’s Strategic Plan, Place and Promise. UBC exists for the communities it serves: local, provincial, national, and global. An integral part of those communities, the University enters into relationships where decisions about means and ends are made collaboratively, costs and benefits are shared, and learning is reciprocal.

Community Engagement is connected with the Community Engagement Office at UBC Okanagan to ensure CE strategy development involves both campuses while respecting their unique environments.