Campus Networks

network-iconCampus networks

UBC campus is a large place; there are several existing networks that bring together faculty, staff, and students from across campus who are working to connect UBC research and learning with communities. Following is a brief list of a few networks; additional connections and networks are continually being developed.

While these networks are primarily focused on building connections across the university, as community-engaged networks these groups value involvement and connection from those beyond UBC.

Please email if you’d like to add or suggest additional networks.


Community Engaged Scholarship Group

Community engaged scholarship (CES) has the potential to broaden and deepen the understanding of ‘scholarly’ work as being inclusive of engaged teaching and engaged research. Join this group of community engaged scholars from across campus to share work and find ways to collaborate. For more information contact Mark Edwards or Deb Zehr.


Community Engagement Program Planners Community of Practice

This community of practice is for people who connect communities with UBC through outreach and community engagement, strategic planning, knowledge exchange, and partnership development. We aim to make connections across campus, share experiences, exchange event and program updates and inspiration, and identify ways to partner and work together. To get involved, email

Liu Institute Global Research Networks

The Liu Institute global research networks support interdisciplinary and collaborative exchange on pressing global issues. Created and managed by Liu Scholars, with faculty support, these networks strengthen ties between faculty and students, host conferences and events, and facilitate field research and dialogue on key themes. To learn more, click here.