Partnership Recognition Fund

Community Engagement Partnership Recognition Fund

Every day, people on and off-campus work together on joint initiatives that benefit both the community and the university; engaged research, experiential learning, planning and policy development, educational programming, dialogue projects, workshops – our impact grows when we work together.

The Community Engagement Partnership Recognition Fund (PRF) is designed to help fill small resource gaps and acknowledge the contributions that community partners make to UBC. It also aims to raise awareness about the value of relationships and working together in a thoughtful way.

Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI)

We are currently accepting applications.

Please download and complete the LOI and return it to UBC Community Engagement.

Write or call Ryan Brown 604 827-1770.

Please apply well in advance of when you would like to use the funds. Applicants can expect to hear within 2-3 weeks of the application deadline whether they are successful. See FAQs for more details.

Download the Form

Submission Tips

Who can apply?

Co-applicants that represent both community partner(s) and current UBC faculty, staff or student(s) can apply. The LOI must be reviewed and signed by both UBC and community representatives. Partnerships must already be established and have a history of working together for at least 1 year.


Priority will be given to projects that address these objectives:

  • Fill a resource gap that supports community to partner with UBC.
  • Address an identified need of the community partner and/or the community they serve.
  • Improve community access to UBC research, teaching and learning resources.
  • Provide mutual benefit to both community and UBC partners.

Submission Guidelines

To apply, submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) that describes the project, the partnership, how funds will be used and when, and intended outcomes. It is important that the LOI bear names, signatures and contact information for both a community and a UBC partner. Further information may be required of applicants and will be requested as needed.

What’s out of Scope?

Activity outside the scope of this fund includes:

  • Activities that are part of the normal working operations of an agency (core funded work).
  • Activities that do not include at least 1 off-campus and 1 on-campus partner, currently in an active UBC role.
  • Use of funds for salaries or wages (please call for clarification).
  • Brand new partnerships.
  • An event or activity that has already been funded and/or announced may not be approved.


Can I apply to the PRF more than once? Yes, however we will not fund the same project or partnership more than once in 2017.

Why are funds only available until March 2018? PRF is being piloted and its implementation and impacts will be evaluated at the end of the pilot.

Does this fund include UBC Okanagan? Yes. Any UBC campus or site is eligible for the fund.

How many applications will be supported each month? Up to 5.

When will we hear back? How long does it take to process an application? We encourage you to apply at least a month in advance of when you would like to use the funds. We aim to process applications within 2-3 weeks of the monthly deadline.

Do you accept electronic signatures? Yes.

Who/what is a community partner? A community partner is an individual or community-based organization that is not a part of an academic institution but who is working with UBC in some capacity.

Can funds be used for catering and/or alcoholic beverages? Funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages. Funds can be used for catering that is integral to the project. If catering costs exceed half the total estimated cost, please contact us to discuss.

How long do we have to use the funds? You are asked to identify a project close date in your Letter of Intent – this will determine how long you have to use the funds. In general, it is expected that funds will be used within 6 months of the project start date.

Can funds go directly to an individual? Or to a UBC faculty or unit? It is preferred that funds go to a community partner organization. If this is not feasible, please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements.

Can we use funds to hire a UBC student? Unfortunately, no. This is not a sustainable source of funding that could be relied on to fill structural or ongoing needs. Student placements with an employer or host organization require support to protect the rights and interests of both student and partner. Several UBC programs are devoted to providing those supports. Please contact us to learn more.

How long does a relationship need to be in place for our group to apply to the PRF? The funds are intended to support existing relationships that have been in place for at least one year.

What information needs to be on the invoice? Do you have a sample invoice? This is the pilot year for the PRF. We will be evaluating its implementation and impacts at the end of the pilot.

How does the fund work?

  • A one time sponsorship of up to $1,500 to extend or deepen an established community-university partnership
  • Funds go directly to community partners
  • Applications will be reviewed and processed once a month
  • Funds to go towards projects that benefit both community and university partners
  • Monthly intake will be open until March 13, 2018

How may funds be used?

The sponsorship is awarded to community partners to support their participation in activities that extend or enrich an existing partnership with UBC. Activities must benefit both the off-campus partner and the UBC partner and can include:

  • Activities that build or share skills: workshops, training, experiential learning, asset-based skill building…
  • Activities that build or share knowledge: events, dialogues, engaged research, pop-up shops, toolkits…
  • Activities that celebrate or acknowledge achievements: awards, debriefs, appreciation/evaluation…
  • Activities that deepen engagement: community mapping, artistic or creative events, public forums…

Funds can be used to cover costs that are integral to activities, including: facility rental, catering (no alcohol), workshop materials, publishing costs, honorariums.

What are the reporting requirements?

Funds will be provided in the form of a sponsorship. Sponsorship recipients will be asked to provide the following documentation that will be used as a resource to share with others:

  • A brief description of who was involved, what happened, what needs were filled or impacts made.
  • Up to three “lessons learned” (brief bullets) for others involved in community university partnerships.
  • Three pictures with captions that help tell the story of the partnership and/or project.

Documentation may be submitted via email in written or video format. Recipients are asked to submit documentation within 1 month of wrap up.

This initiative is intended to further support community engagement and as such we will continuously enhance the criteria and invite your feedback or your thoughts via email.

Application deadlines

Submit a complete LOI by midnight on the second Tuesday of the month to be considered for the next round. Deadlines for 2017/18 are:

  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017
  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017
  • Tuesday, July 11, 2017
  • Tuesday, August 8, 2017
  • Tuesday, September 12, 2017
  • Tuesday, October 10, 2017
  • Tuesday, November 14, 2017
  • Tuesday, December 12, 2017
  • Tuesday, January 9, 2018
  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018
  • Tuesday, March 13, 2018