Partnership Recognition Fund

Funding for community groups working in partnership with UBC faculty, staff and students.

Every day, people on and off-campus work together on joint initiatives that benefit both the community and the university. Engaged research, experiential learning, planning and policy development, educational programming, dialogue projects, workshops – our impact grows when we work together.

The Community Engagement Partnership Recognition Fund (PRF) is designed to help fill small resource gaps and acknowledge the work of community groups that partner with UBC. We especially welcome applications for projects that advance equity and justice through reciprocal community engagement.

Important Updates:

Bringing the 2021/22 Partnership Recognition Fund to a Close

Thank you to all 2021/22 co-applicants! UBC Community Engagement is currently planning for PRF 2022/23. We will share details about future deadlines as soon as we can!

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New Partnership with the UBC Equity & Inclusion Office

The UBC Equity & Inclusion Office partnered with UBC Community Engagement to support the 2021-2022 PRF.

Together, we committed to funding projects that build capacities of diverse community and university partners to collaborate more effectively, develop and strengthen relationships, and advance equity and justice through reciprocal community engagement.

This partnership aimed to advance UBC’s commitment to foster environments of learning, research and engagement that value building and exchanging diverse ways of knowing. The PRF is a demonstration of UBC’s support for community-based initiatives that enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion – in line with commitments in UBC’s Strategic Plan and the Inclusion Action Plan.

Lottery Review Pilot

Due to increased demand for PRF over the last few years, coupled with a smaller total budget in 2021/22, we piloted a lottery approach in the 2021/22 PRF review process.

Our goal was to respond to the changing context of the fund so we can continue to reduce barriers to access and ensure fair and equitable distribution of funds.

The lottery pilot was launched in June 2021 and continued through rounds in November 2021 and March 2022. We are currently reviewing the 2021/22 PRF program and will share findings from the pilot as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this pilot, please read the FAQ on the lottery selection process. You can also contact us if you have any questions; we will be happy to speak with you.


$1,500 per project (minimum $500)

How to Apply

Sample Application Questions

Community-University Engagement (CUES) Fund

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Who can apply?

Co-applicants that represent community partner(s) and current UBC faculty, staff or student(s) can apply. Funds go directly to community partners. The community partner must be a registered charity or qualified donee listed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The funds are intended to support existing relationships that have been in place for at least one year. There is flexibility if the relationship is younger than a year. Contact us if that’s the case.

The Partnership Recognition Fund is not able to support projects outside of Canada.

If you are not sure if you qualify please contact us.

What are PRF objectives?

Strong PRF applications will indicate how they intend to address the following objectives:

  • Advance reciprocal community engagement towards equity and justice.
  • Fill a resource gap that supports the community group to partner with UBC.
  • Address an identified need of the community partner and/or the communities they work with.
  • Improve community access to UBC research, teaching and learning resources.
  • Provide mutual benefit to both community and UBC partners.

How do we apply?

To apply, submit an application that describes the project, the partnership, how funds will be used and when, and intended outcomes.

  • Submit an online application.
  • To help you prepare for the online application, a copy of the questions is available here.
  • Applications are currently closed. Please check back soon for the online application form. 

How may funds be used?

Funds go to the community partners to fill a resource gap in their partnership with UBC. Possible activities might include ones that:

  • Respond to the impacts of COVID-19 within the community partnership.
  • Build or share skills through workshops, training, experiential learning, asset-based skill building, etc.
  • Build or share knowledge through events, dialogues, engaged research, toolkits, etc.
  • Recognize or celebrate achievements through awards, debriefs, appreciation/evaluation, etc.
  • Extend or deepen engagement through community mapping, artistic or creative events, public forums, network building, etc.

Funds can be used to cover costs that are integral to these activities. Some examples include:

  • Honoraria
  • Equipment/supplies
  • Subscriptions to virtual programs
  • Transportation or delivery costs

Note that these are just examples, and we invite you to submit expenses that meet the needs of your work. Please contact us and we will be happy to talk this through with you.

The following activities are outside the scope of this fund:

  • Activities that do not include at least one off-campus and one on-campus partner
  • Kick-starting new partnerships
  • Hiring UBC students
  • Payment of salaries or wages
  • Fees for UBC faculty, students, or staff to attend conferences, events, etc.
  • Expenses that include alcoholic beverages
  • Projects that have been supported by PRF in the same funding year
  • Funding that flows directly to an individual (PRF funds are intended to go to partner organizations)
  • Projects outside of Canada

How do we share the story of our work?

Option 1: Short Written Submission

  • A brief description of who was involved, what happened, what needs were filled or impacts made.

Option 2: Conversation

  • A conversation to share what happened and any learnings from the work together. This can be with both or either partner as appropriate.

Option 3: Your Choice

  • Your project may already be creating documentation of what happened and the learnings through a report, research, event, video, etc. We would be happy to receive/participate in what you’re already creating as your end of project submission.

Partners are asked to complete their chosen option within one month of wrap up. We are flexible if you require longer than one month to share back.

How will lottery selection work?

Each application is reviewed by a panel of 3 reviewers. Reviewers are asked to determine if an application ‘merits funding’ if it meets at least 4 of the following 6 objectives:

  1. Advance reciprocal community engagement towards equity and justice.
  2. Fill a resource gap that supports the community group to partner with UBC.
  3. Address needs of the community partner and/or communities with whom they work.
  4. Improve community access to UBC research, teaching and learning resources.
  5. Provide mutual benefit to both community and UBC partners.
  6. Respond to the impacts of and/or act in the context of COVID-19, where applicable.

Proposals that ‘merit funding’ based on the above criteria are entered into a lottery pool to be randomly selected for funding. Entry into the lottery pool requires at least 2 reviewers deciding that a proposal merits funding.

Proposals entered into the lottery pool are all considered ‘fundable projects’ and have an equal chance of receiving funding.

The number of projects selected for funding in each round is based on an equal distribution of total PRF funds over 3 rounds (June 2021, November 2021, March 2022).

What are the application deadlines?

Past deadlines were on:

  • June 5, 2020
  • September 25, 2020
  • January 29, 2021
  • June 17, 2021
  • November 17,2021
  • March 5, 2022

We will be announcing new rounds of funding in 2022/23. Stay tuned for updates!

More FAQs

Can I apply to the PRF more than once? We can fund each project or partnership once per fiscal year. If you are not sure if you qualify please contact us.

Does this fund include UBC Okanagan? Yes. Any UBC campus or site is eligible for the fund.

How many applications will be supported each month? This varies from year to year, depending on funding available.

When will we hear back? How long does it take to process an application? We aim to process applications within 4-5 weeks of each deadline.

Do you accept electronic signatures? Yes. The online application form requires an electronic signature.

Who/what is a community partner? See “Who can apply?”

Can funds be used for catering and/or alcoholic beverages? Funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages. Funds can be used for catering that is part of the project.

How long do we have to use the funds? In general, it is expected that funds will be used within six months of the project start date.

Can funds go directly to an individual? Or to a UBC faculty or unit? It is preferred that funds go to a community partner organization. If this is not feasible, please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements.

Can we use funds to hire a UBC student? The PRF cannot be used to hire a UBC student. Several UBC programs are devoted to providing those supports. Please contact us to learn more.

How long does a relationship need to be in place for our group to apply to the PRF? The funds are intended to support existing relationships that have been in place for at least one year. There is flexibility if the relationship is younger than one year. Contact us if that is the case.

How do I receive funding? What information needs to be on the invoice? Do you have a sample invoice? As soon as you have received the approval notice, please submit an invoice to UBC Community Engagement. Each invoice should include the organization’s name, contact information and GST number, as well as the name of the project and the funding amount that was approved. We will provide a sample invoice for all PRF recipients as part of the approval package.

Still have questions? Contact us at We’re here to help.